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“We partner with life coaches who want to establish a successful online presence with WordPress“




Building and maintaining an engaging Life Coaching website is pretty easy when you use the right tools for the job!


The biggest challenge is – how do you start?

I am a going to make this really easy for you – start with WordPress.


There is a reason WordPress is the most popular website platform that exists – it is really easy to use!


Then – Get DIVI From Elegant Themes:

 *DIVI uses a page builder that makes building beautiful interactive websites really easy



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100 Days of DIVI!

100 Days of DIVI!

I am really loving this 100 days of DIVI thing! The folks at Elegant Themes are at day 10 so you will have to read back a bit but you’ll find some good stuff! There’s also all sorts of freebies at least once a week and all of this is leading up to the...

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Get DIVI From Elegant Themes:



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