Check Out The New Life Coach Directory!

We’re launching a new Life Coach Directory that is FREE for you! Right now it’s in BETA mode for a soft launch with minimal listings so we could use a little help from a few of you so take a few minutes and post a free profile on this up and coming site right now...

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Is SSL Really Important For SEO?

The short answer is YES - SSL DOES MATTER This is not to say that every page one result is secured by SSL. It’s far from a magic bullet or anything close to that. It would be nice if all you had to do to get great ranking is enable SSL and BAM - you’re on...

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100 Days of DIVI!

I am really loving this 100 days of DIVI thing! The folks at Elegant Themes are at day 10 so you will have to read back a bit but you’ll find some good stuff! There’s also all sorts of freebies at least once a week and all of this is leading up to the...

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Elegant Themes Bloom Optin Plugin is SLICK

 Bloom scores big in my book! Not only does it integrate directly into almost all ESP’s it can also be configured to not use any! It can display as a pop up with tons of “when” options, as an inline form (with lock out until you sign up options!) as...

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Does Your Website Give You The Blues?

With the vast amount of information available to you when you start looking into building your website - it’s easy to become overwhelmed by information overload! For example - you have heard “the money is in the list” (IT IS!) and want to start...

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