Optimizepress and Divi

Turns out this can be done! You just have to setup a multisite to run the “other” theme…

You should start with a new WordPress install so you can use sub directories unless you don’t mind using subdomains…

I have Divi on the “main” site and OP on a secondary site that will house sales pages and anything else I want to use OP for…

That’s pretty slick…

ElegantThemes.com’s Divi WordPress Theme

ElegantThemes.com KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK with this one!

If you have been looking at Worpress at all - you have undoubtedly heard of Elegant Themes. They make some beautiful themes and offer an affordable subscription plan…

Anyway - today I took their Divi theme for a spin and I have got to say - this is by far the best wordpress theme I have ever used! Their page builder kicks some serious ass!


A Fast & Easy Way To Personalize Your Website for Subscribers

The idea is too personalize a landing page that is being promoted via email and put a prospects name and email into a form for a special offer when they click the link in the email. No reason to have somebody retype their email address if we already know it. Same goes for their first name, if it’s already in our database it would be nice to  populate that data automagically.

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mindvalley-post-get-variable makes it simple!

I am sure you have all seen links that look like this:

https://wordpress.forlifecoaches.com/a-fast-easy-way-to-personalize-your-website-for-subscribers?fname=YourName&[email protected]

Click it…

The code that loads these two simple variables is

[ get_var name=”fname” ]

[ get_var name=”email” ]

Add these variables from your newsletter system (they all have this ability) to links in your email broacasts just like you would do “Hello <>,” and customize your message on your sales page or even make it super simple for them to sign up for upcoming events or even get them onto another segment of your subscriber base.

Be creative and increase interaction and engagements on your website!

A Look @ Cart66

A Look @ Cart66

I can keep this REALLY short and sweet…

Cart66 blows wp-ecommerce away by leaps and bounds!

Installed it today for the first time and even the freebie (lite) version does some very slick stuff - try it before you buy it.

Excellence in Ecommerce - Cart66.com

Check it out –  for $89 you can deploy pretty much any type of sale, payment or membership subscription through your worpdress powered website in about a day. It took me about 90 minutes to configure it to sell a few products using paypal’s sandbox for testing and it simply works…

The easiest way to explain the way it works is this:  it sets up everything from the checkout button and beyond.

You build whatever you want for the front end using pages OR post.

That’s what I noticed about it first –  it doesn’t rely on the post in worpress but gives you the choice - that’s beautiful!

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