Extending The WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

Extending The WordPress WYSIWYG Editor

Changing out the editor for “something better” is something I do with pretty much any new website I have ever built - no matter what platform it was on.  If there is a better editor than what comes with the system - I’d upgrade it.

WordPress is no exception and to meet the need for a more flexible “what you see is what you get” editor I am using WP Super Edit.


Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

The Ultimate in Affiliate Tracking Software

I have been using Post Affiliate Pro for years and it just keeps getting better and better! The price has gone up a little bit to $199 - but considering you’re looking at about $100/month for most lower priced hosted programs - you still make out better using Post Affiliate Pro…

And you get a MUCH better platform. 

Yesterday a client called to ask about a last minute solution for a partner’s program and the site was fully setup and functional in just a few hours.  It helps being familiar with it but they seem to have spent a lot of time making videos and how to guides so even if you are a novice you won’t have too much trouble setting up a full blown affiliate program complete with all sorts of bells and whistles like contact management, detailed reports on clicks, sales even impressions!  Your advertising media can include text links, html, images, flash files or pdf’s.

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A Learned Take on Optimize Press

In this post I talked about the optimizepress squeeze page generator and gave it a fairly positive spin - but now that I have used it a bit more the simple truth is I would not suggest using this template…

It just doesn’t live up to the hype IMHO…


Optimizepress – A second look…

It’s a second look as I have installed this template once before but have not had the opportunity to develop a landing page with it…

http://www.optimizepress.com/ is a template that includes typical aspects of landing page design within a Content Creation Kit.

In english that means it gives you a bunch of templates to fill out to make your landing page look like a typical sales page with nice “eye candy stuff” for all the elements of the page including videos, sign up boxes, fancy bulleted lists, quotes, testimonials, calls to action, etc…

It has all sorts of other features built in as well - but as far as squeeze pages and such it seems to me that this is a pretty good choice for fast content creation - It would take a lot more time to create the graphics for a single site than this template costs.

* Edited July 28, 2011 - not at all impressed with this template at all now that I have used it in a production environment…

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